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Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 15
The New Arrival
He wandered blindly, the harsh winds pushing him back, the heavy snow slowing his steps. Air whistled and howled in his frozen ears. He was hardly moving, but he kept pressing forward, despite the cold, despite the wind, despite everything.
He had to keep moving.
Arms out in front of his face to shield him from the worst of the frosty gale, he walked on and on.
Why? Why was he forcing himself like this? Why did he think he could make it out of this twisted blizzard?
He was just a boy. If he lay down right now and surrendered to the forces of nature, no one would come looking for him. The snow would encase his body until he disappeared. He could be buried beneath a mountain of snow and no one would care.
He was just a boy.
Just a boy who was destined to be lost forever.
He would never be anything special…
But something made him walk, made him push, made him to strive to move forward.
He cracked one eye open and saw a hand, a hand pulling on his wrist.
:iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 7 14
Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 14
Scarves, Snow and Secrets.
Things were quiet for the next couple of days and Allen didn’t speak to Miss White, even when he was in her art class. He couldn’t face her yet with his questions, especially since she seemed to be plagued by some of her own. Michaela was alright though and still greeted him in the hallway when they spotted each other. Michaela had explained in passing that she and Kyle had sorted out Meckenzie; Allen doubted if anyone was brave enough to sort out Nerissa. She hadn’t been visiting Ms White, that’s for sure.
But someone who did visit was Kyle, though not for him.
Allen had been walking down the side of the school when he heard two voices whispering. If he hadn’t matched Kyle to one of the voices he probably would have walked past but this made him stop in his tracks. It was then he realized the other voice belonged to Gast. Allen froze. Kyle wasn’t telling more Vocaloid secrets, was he? What if he was blabbing about t
:iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 5 19
Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 13
Pride Before a Fall
Michaela did not take what she had seen lightly. She pestered Allen about informing the others what Miriam had done. Allen, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure.
“We need to tell someone about this,” she insisted.
“No we don’t,” Allen said, turning away from her, “I’m fine. Nothing happened.”
“She had you pinned against a wall, Allen!” Michaela argued, though looking more concerned than angry. “It terrified me!”
“What I mean is that I don’t think she was actually trying to hurt me,” Allen didn’t know how to word it. “It’s like she wasn’t fully there or something. I doubt she knew what was happening.”
Michaela frowned, scrunching up her perfectly-shaped face. “I don’t think I understand.”
Allen rubbed the back of his head, unsure himself. But he had to convince Michaela not to say anything or who knows what would happen
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Nina Shiera by TheWhiteJewel Nina Shiera :iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 6 12 Tai Ling from XS Comic by TheWhiteJewel Tai Ling from XS Comic :iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 10 12
Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 12
Skeletons in the Closet
There was something about playing basketball that Gast craved: the feel of the rubber ball in his hands as he guided it across the court as easily as if it were part of him; the smell of sweat on his body when the game raged on; the feeling of combination of feeling hot and cool at the same time; the pounding of his heart and shortness of his breath when he had the ball in his hands and was about to throw it into the basket to score. Nothing in the world could come close to what he experienced as soon as he stood on that court, the only place he could show what he was made of.
The adrenaline was pumping through his body as Gast pivoted past an opposing team member. He felt an exhilarating sense of mastery and grace that his team mates didn’t seem to share. He didn’t like to attack and push and shove as they did. That was the downside. They were good players, but relied on aggression and force. He wished they could slow down and relish the wa
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Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 11
As soon as the Vocaloids left the side room they were swarmed by people.
"You know what the funny thing is?" Meiko said, having to raise her voice over the noise, "I'm actually getting used to this."
Most of those gathered around were there to gush—not that that was hard to take. But among the throng were musicians from some of the bands that had played earlier, and their congratulations were pretty heartening.
"My friend and I saw you the other day at the mall!" one of them said, and the person with them nodded. "We really liked your stuff!"
Miku beamed and thanked her. She had to stand back a little as her wig hair trailed down near their feet and if anyone happened to step on it, her Vocaloid identity would be blown. Nerissa had done wonders with their makeup, making their eyes seem bigger and brighter, and their skin silky smooth. To ruin it now would be horrible.
Kaito and Meiko stood in front of her, keeping the people at bay while thanking them as well.
"Yes, yes th
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Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 10
Piece of Cake
Allen felt drained after his experience at school. He was glad to unlock his front door and was looking forward to escaping to his room, but that wasn't an option when Annabelle saw the state of him.
"Oh Allen!" she gasped from the kitchen, dropping her hand cloth. "What on earth happened to you?"
Dang. He'd been hoping that he could just sneak past Annabelle and get to his room undetected so he could do something about his scruffy look. No such luck.
She came over and looked him up and down.  "Did you have a fall?"
Allen wasn't sure what to say.
"You don't get beaten up by falling," asserted Riley, who'd suddenly appeared in the room.
"Who did this to you?"
"No one! And I didn't get beaten up just…"
Annabelle and Riley looked at him expectantly.
"...tossed around a little bit," he finished.
"You poor thing," Annabelle said sympathetically. "I'll get the first-aid kit."
She hurried out of the room and up the stairs. Riley stared at him with raised eyebrows.
"No on
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Miki's paradise. by TheWhiteJewel Miki's paradise. :iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 2 4 MEMES, MEMES EVERYWHERE. by TheWhiteJewel MEMES, MEMES EVERYWHERE. :iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 0 0
Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 9
With Friends Like These...
"I can't believe you're doing this." Allen said, watching Kyle fiddle with his newly blue hair.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," he replied, smiling.
They were at the Vocaloid HQ (okay, Allen had caught on to the new name) and Allen and Riley were waiting while Kyle, Meckenzie and Michaela were turned into their Vocaloid selves. Ms White had organised a public performance for them outside the town mall. The idea was to attract an audience and then hand out fliers that Riley and Michaela had made to spread the Vocaloid word further.
Michaela sat down next to Allen, carrying her twintails so that they wouldn't hit him. She opened her plastic water bottle and took a sip.
"You nervous?" Allen asked when she had finished.
"Of course, I'm shaking all over!" Michaela laughed. "But I'm excited too."
"I feel nervous and I'm not even going to be performing," Allen said jokingly and smiled at her. It was easier to talk to Michaela now, and he was gettin
:iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 7 15
2. Complicated
2. Complicated
"Why do you have to be so stubborn?!" Len yelled.
"Why do you have to be such an idiot?" Neru retaliated, glaring fiercely at Len. His expression of extreme annoyance mirrored hers. This meant that Neru's face was all scrunched up, while Len's face was a furious red. Right now the two were bordering on the line of all-out rage.
Len was the first to break the angry silence, "You're so―"
"Infuriating!" Neru interrupted.
"Immature brat!"
"Enough!" Meiko shouted, stepping between the two of them, pushing their almost touching faces apart. "Why won't you two quit fighting?"
"She started it!" Len said, pointing to Neru. "She's the one who is always insulting me!"
"I wouldn't insult you if you'd stop being so damn annoying!" Neru growled, pointing right back at him.
"Well, you're―"
"STOP!" Meiko cried, pushing both of them to separate corners of the room. She rubbed at her temples, where a migraine was forming as it always d
:iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 7 6
19. Tears
19. Tears
Ann and her husband Al had gone out on a date for their anniversary and left their twelve-year old son in the care of their neighbour, See-U. She was just a kid herself, barely seventeen, but she had always adored their Oliver and the friendly Korean immediately agreed to look after him while they were away.
Ann looked at her son lying asleep in the hospital bed and bit her lip so hard it bled. Al wearily sat down beside her, his face white with shock. It was meant to have been a nice quiet night for Oliver. No one could've predicted what would happen.
When they had gotten the call from a hysterical See-U, they didn't know what to think. Al had hung up after she had told him what had happened and he only had to look at his wife for her to know that something had gone terribly wrong.
See-U was in the waiting room now, shivering. A nurse had put a blanket around her and was trying to calm her down, but See-U was too distraught to pay attention. It had been all her fault
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Vocaloid Fic: Diamonds in the Rough Chapter 8
A New Look
"Is he dead?"
"If so, can I poke him?"
Blearily, Allen opened his eyes and found a circle of faces above him, each belonging to a different member of the new loid family.
"You okay, buddy?" Allen heard Kyle say.
"W-what happened?" he asked groggily. A thumping pain at the back of his head made it hard to think clearly but Allen tried his best to hear the other loids talk.
"Basically you passed out," Riley answered him bluntly, "It was actually rather funny," she added sadistically.
Allen barely heard her as he tried to raise his head a little, the intense hurt in his skull only making it worse. Michaela, who had some sympathy for him, gently eased him back down.
Seeing his confused expression, Michaela explained, "Well, you sang your bit and then as soon as the music stopped you just sort of…fainted. You hit your head pretty badly on the stage."
"I…sang?" Now that his head was clearing a little, Allen remembered what had happened. He HAD sung, whether or no
:iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 4 25
24. Rebirth
24. Rebirth
I never wanted to die. I never wanted to lose my friends and family just because I wasn't good enough. I loved all of them so much.
They don't love you back.
I loved Leon and Lola and Miriam; my ancestors, the ones who started it all. They are all gone now though. Master said they were 'retired' but I know better. They are gone and they always will be. Retired was just a soft word for being erased because no one wanted them anymore.
And now you're going to join them. Nobody wants you either.
That's not true, my family wanted me. I was the mother figure for all of them; I kept them all in line. And whenever I got too drunk on sake they would always forgive me.  They had to love me to do that, didn't they?
How could they love someone like you? You're too selfish to love anyone but yourself.
I loved them. I loved every single one of them.
I loved Rin for her outgoing personality and the fact that she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. The way she
:iconthewhitejewel:TheWhiteJewel 5 15
No Fear!
Hand in hand they were running towards the abandoned warehouse, fog coating their legs.
The girl screamed, terrified of the monstrous creatures that were on their tails. Her partner urged her to keep running and pulled her into the building. The teenage boy let go of his companion's hand for a moment as he pushed hard at the stiff door, the only barrier between them and the oncoming herd of blood-thirsty monsters. He freed it at last from its rusty edges and slammed it in the zombies' faces. They were momentarily safe from the corpses' wrath, but through the door came the unnerving sound of rotten hands banging on thin metal.
The protagonist wiped some sweat from his forehead, sweeping a few stray blonde curls from his face. He looked over to his girlfriend who was trembling and softly crying into her hands.
"Oh Jayden, I'm so frightened!" she cried, rushing forward to bury her face in her beloved's chest.
He cradled her with his toned muscular arms, bringing her close. "It's alright,
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