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Harder, better, faster, stronger (character info) by TheWhiteJewel Harder, better, faster, stronger (character info) by TheWhiteJewel
My babies :) Prepare for a loooooong description.

This picture is inspired by the Kayne West song "Harder, better, faster, stronger".

Ever since they were little, Kim and Mira have admired superheroes so much that they decide to become heroes themselves in their own small rustic town. Even if they don't have superpowers; these girls go on all sorts of adventures into making the world a better place. Outside of their missions the two face their last year of primary school as new friends are now thrown into the mix, coming together for their biggest adventure yet!

This is sort of a character information sheet-a-ma-whoozie so let's get right down to it!

Top left is....

Name: Alexander Mark Miller "Lex"
Sex: Male
Age: 11
Birthday: 15th of August
Mission name and colour: Green
Guardian Status: Grandfather.
Fashion: Old jackets from his grandfather's attic.
Likes: Teasing Kim, history, comedy shows and anything fun.
Dislikes: Homework, work in general, the dentist.

Lex is that one kid who never stops having a smile on his face. He sees the best out of life and always has a corny joke ready to go. Although he doesn't join the crew until later on in the story he makes his place as the jokester clown to keep situations light. Upon his arrival he immediately begins a teasing rivalry relationship with Kim as their talents collide for a showdown of skills. Having known Tao beforehand the two rekindle their childhood friendship despite how opposite they are compared to the other; Tao always being serious and Lex never being serious enough. Lex and Mira probably get on the easiest as they are the optimists of the group, cracking jokes and smiles wherever they go.

Lex has lived with his grandfather (Pops) as long as he can remember as his own parents died in a car accident when he was only young. Despite his rough start to life, Lex never let this bother him as he loves his Pops dearly, getting his comedic side from his Pops. He also loves to dig through their attic, looking for old clothes of his Pops to wear and old photos of him and his wife Josephine.

Lex represents in the song the word; "Harder":

Lex' flaw is the fact that he never takes anything seriously and has a hard time realising the depth of a situation. His jokey mood can only go so far in the fact that he is fairly innocent and needs to toughen up in order to survive.

Top right is....

Name: Kimberly Amber Westward "Kim"
Sex: Female
Age: 11
Birthday: 6th of July
Mission name and colour: Orange/Yellow
Guardian Status: Both parents married.
Fashion: Tracksuits, singlets and jeans.
Likes: Sports, training and public speaking.
Dislikes: Lex' teasing, pressure about her grades, losing.
Fun fact: Kim wears sweatbands on her wrists everyday.

Kim is the all star of sports and grades in her school; perfecting her talents and striving to be the best thanks to her parents' pressuring her to do more and better. Even without her parents' pushing, Kim is a headstrong and determined to succeed in anything she lays her eyes on with a sense of justice. She however has a temper and is quick to lose it if provoked. But aside from her overwhelming
strength and power of force she uses in her everyday life, Kim fears failure and losing as it would "tarnish" her reputation of the poster child of the Westward family. Her parents are often never around; with her father always working late in one of the town's biggest companies while her mother is constantly travelling to other cities for her job. Even so, they make sure that Kim toes the line and stays top at school. However on the rare occasions that the two parents are in the same room together they constantly fight and bicker much to the displeasing of their daughter.

One of Kim's salvations from her stressful is sports which she enjoys. She is currently #1 on the track team and often participates in other activities as well. She finds that running is one of her passions and she is able to escape her problems and put one foot in front of the other.

Another saving grace is her best friend, Mira. Her sweet natured personality and eternal kindness knows no bounds and Kim thinks herself lucky to have such a good friend who is there whenever she needs support on her back. Kim and Tao are the level-headed players of the group; both serious and mature for their young age. Kim often comes to Tao for advice or planning missions and the two share a mutual liking and understanding on what it feels like to be under pressure. Lex and Kim have a constant clashing battle of wits against force as Lex effortlessly seems to out-do her in scores despite being a slob. Kim's bad temper mixed with Lex' teasing gestures equals a lot of flames but inside Yellow actually craves to be carefree like Lex and admires his cheery, laid-back traits. In the end she respects Lex a lot as he does unto her and the two find their lives would be a lot different without the other in it.

Kim represents in the song, the word: "better"

Kim has been working hard since she started school just about and the fear of failing is terrifying for her. This said; she is always striving to be perfect....or better than she already is.

Bottom left is.....

Name: Tang Shen Tao "Tao"
Sex: Male
Age: 11
Birthday: 12th of September
Mission name and colour: Blue
Guardian Status: Single mother, lives with her and uncle.
Fashion: Likes hoodies; preferably dark colours.
Likes: Green tea, maths, mint ice-cream, sci-fi fiction.
Dislikes: Chilli, rap music, Greg Skuller.
Fun fact: He was taught Tai Chi Chuan by his older brother.

Tao is a second generation Chinese boy living with his mother, uncle and three younger siblings above the family Chinese restaurant. He is the maturest of the crew and is the one they come to to hear his wisdom. He works as a waiter at the small restaurant to help out his mother who tries her best to keep the family afloat as she battles with money. He is often put in charge of looking after his younger sisters and brother and is very family-oriented. Tao isn't one to talk about his problems and would rather get on with it on his own as he is slow to accept assistance from his friends. His father walked out when he was only small and the whereabouts of Tao's mysterious older brother is unknown.

Thanks to his vow to help carry the weight of the restaurant; Tao grew up to be quiet but just because he doesn't open his mouth doesn't mean he isn't observing his surroundings. Tao is very perceptive and analyses situations thoroughly before making his move to intervene. He is great at figuring out what is going on inside his friends' minds and often knows when a problem has occurred before his friends tell him. His family orientation trait leaves him with a big heart and would jump in front of a bullet for the people he loves. This also makes him very protective so when the heroes' enemies (a gang of high-school boys) threaten the group, Tao will abandon his calm composure and do whatever it takes to defeat his enemy; Greg Skuller, the leader of the gang. Tao also finds it hard to forgive those who have hurt him; such as his older brother or Skuller when he returns to apologise to the heroes.

Tao used to go to the town's private school with his best friend, Lex before moving to the public school in the middle of Year 5. He was in a different class to Mira and Kim and only meet them in Year 6 with Lex also moving to join the group later in the year. Beforehand; Lex and Tao were very close however Lex' constant mucking around used to get on Tao's nerves. Even so, the two got along famously and put aside their differences and Lex was a big hit with Tao's sisters and younger brother as they were as childish as he was. Lex knows the most about Tao and knows that his secrets are very important and not to be joked about. However, even Lex does not fully know what happened to Tao's older brother and thinks that Tao may not be saying everything he knows about the issue....Tao has a high respect for Kim and is there for her support. The two of them often work together as they both find similar interests and share common ideas. He takes Kim's crush on him into account when they first meet but kindly turns her down and they both manage to hold a relationship together as mutual friends.

Tao's relationship with Mira is special. They meet each other at Tao's mother's restaurant as Mira wanders in one day without realising. She recognises Tao from school and instantly tries to befriend him. Tao first gets the impression that she is just as immature as his siblings and mostly ignores her and waits for her to go away. She comes back the next day and the day after that and a pattern occurs as Tao realises that there is more to her then an innocent face. Overtime he grows fond of her and she becomes one of the only people to break him out of his shell. Tao finds him caring as much about Mira's safety as his family's and thanks to her he learns to let the people around him help him more.

Tao represents in the song, the word: "faster"

Tao's entire home is a ticking clock as his mother and uncle find themselves ending up in more and more debt to keep the restaurant alive. Money isn't coming fast to the small, shabby food joint and Tao and his family are running out of time. Tao puts it upon himself to work as hard as he can so that what's left of his family can stay together.

Bottom right is.....

Name: Mira Sophie Thomas
Sex: Female
Age: 10
Birthday: 26th of March
Mission name and colour: Red
Guardian Status: Adopted.
Fashion: Dresses, bright colours and/or cardigans.
Likes: Rhythmic gymnastics, watching Kim's games, pandas.
Dislikes: Maths, yoghurt, big dogs.
Fun fact: Likes to create different styles with her hair.

Mira is a radiant girl of goodness whose life is her friends. Being Kim's best friend since they were seven (Mira, six) the two have been tighter than sisters. Both being the only kid in their family; this fit them just fine. Mira has a soft spot for people in need and is always there to lend a helping hand. She supports Kim at her matches, Tao at his work and Lex to just be his funny ol' self. But on the flipside, Mira likes to keep her problems and issues to herself and always attempts to hide them from Kim. She would rather not get anyone she cares about involved.

Her early life was definitely the roughest of the crew's and Yellow hardly knows anything about her friend's life before she met her and before she was adopted and it is only until near the end of Year 6 that her friends find out that Mira used to be a twin. Her dark past is made up from the happiness Mira puts in her lifestyle in the present.

Mira is no where near as talented as her other friends; Kim with her force, Lex with his wit, and Tao with his plain intelligence and she sometimes wishes she could be as good as they were. An opportunity rises and Mira is made the emergency reserve for the school's rhythmic gymnastics squad when they are threatened to be cut if they don't get a place in the competition. and after the tournament with the school placing third, earning their squad's keep. Mira becomes a full-time member after that and she continues to exceed with grace and poise and a tangled ribbon here and there.

Mira's relationship with Kim is as strong as the brute-force blonde herself. They bonded over Saturday morning cartoons of superheroes battling out their enemies and fighting for justice and peace. Inspired by this; the girls make their own hero duo to do little, secret jobs around the town to help people out, all at night-time with their special missions clothes and colours. Mira admires her friend so much but is never jealous of her. She is fully aware of Kim's family situation and makes it her job to help her unwind after a hard day's work. Their bonds are strong and they both know that their friendship will last for years to come.

Mira and Lex are clearly the children of the group. She is the only one who laughs at his jokes and the two often mess around and play games together much to the annoyance of Kim and Tao. Mira knows what its like to be treated like a kid and accepts Lex for his quirky, eccentric self. They have the most in common with each other so they find it easy to get along.

Mira and Tao started off shakily. Mira sparked an interest in the stoic Asian and made it a goal to learn more about him. As she got more and more involved in his life, Tao began to get less and less annoyed about it. The softness of Mira and the wisdom of Tao gently delve into the other's dark sides; places Lex and Kim never managed to reach and Tao becomes quite protective of her. They hate to burden other people with their problems, a common trait they both share and yet are always willing to be there for other people. And when the masks are off and tears are shed, Mira always has Tao near.

Mira represents in the song, the word: "stronger"

Mira has a dark secret in the fact that she forces herself never to cry, thanks to a mental switch in her complicated past. She keeps this promise up all her childhood without even Kim knowing why. "Stronger," she says, "I have to be stronger."

And there you have it! Comment below and tell me if you have any question or want to know more!
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